About us

Who are Golden Star Morris?

Golden Star Morris were formed in 1979 in the pub of the same name on Colegate in Norwich. The landlord contributed to the initial purchase of kit and the side practiced over the winter and danced out in 1980. 

Golden Star were the first Morris side in the local area with men and women dancing together, quite a radical thing at that time!

We perform the traditional Morris dances from the Cotswolds with both sticks and hankies. We practice in the autumn and winter evenings to ensure our lines are straight and our capers are high!

We can be recognised by our kit of red socks and gold, brown and red baldricks bearing the distinctive Golden Star emblem and worn over a white shirt. We perform at fairs, festivals and events both locally and throughout the UK and occasionally overseas!

Past bookings have included Shrewsbury Folk Festival, Shannon Winter Music Festival (Ireland), Norwich City of Ale and FolkEast Festival.

In addition we dance at sunrise on May Day at St James’ Hill in Norwich and have an annual Christmas day of dance. In summer evenings we perform at pubs, either in the city or surrounding villages, often finishing with some tunes or songs over a pint or two.

In addition to 20 or so dancers and several musicians the side boasts a fool, our wicker hobby horse ‘ Champion’ and our collecting vessel ‘The Lollypop Man’, all of which can frequently be spotted when we dance out!


We are always happy to accept new members! Join us as a dancer or musician - everyone is welcome, all ages, no dancing experience needed. Contact Us